Packed Bars Timeline


May 10, 2017: First semblance of a packed bar chart includes 35,000 New York City registered dog names. Initially implemented as a stacked bar chart with custom coloring and data arrangement.

May 23, 2017: Settled on the name “packed bar chart.” Other contenders were “brick chart,” “Pareto bar chart” and “focus bar chart.”

June 6, 2017: Introductory blog post on the JMP blog with examples, discussion and variations. Becomes available as a JMP script and later in JMP beta releases.

July 10, 2017: Excel add-in published on github in collaboration with Jon Peltier.

July 24, 2017: D3js script published on github.

October 3, 2017: Poster (PDF) presented at IEEE VIS 2017 in Phoenix, AZ.

February 4, 2017: rPackedBar R package published on CRAN by Adam Spannbauer.

March 14, 2018: Available in JMP 14 general release.

April 18, 2018: This website published!